I whisked my son away to a location close to Colchester in Essex, to enjoy an afternoon's urban exploration.  Unusually, this site was easy to access and was being explored by families, teenagers and even some paranormal investigators.  It was a treat not to be met by hard to scale fences and security guards, which seem to be ever present at most abandoned places.
This awesome place boasts towers, bunkers and even underground tunnels, which are adorned with rusty iron doors and window shutters, crumbling concrete and modern graffiti.  A treat for any photographer looking for composition possibilities, we will definitely return there very soon as one afternoon was just not enough.
Word of warning; take someone with you if you intend to explore this site, health and safety ceased here a very long time ago...watch out for sharp metal in the ground, broken glass and high drops with no guard rail to stop you plummeting to the ground!

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